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New from georgia

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Started carnivore diet jan 1.  I wont lie and say it has been easy by any means.  I never realized how many things have sugar in them.


I was enjoying ham steaks at first until i looked and realized they had sugar in them too.


Now i primarily eat local beef to include alot of cheeseburgers and cheaper cuts of steak.

Bacon and eggs are also a staple.  Its nice since i have my own free range chickens so the eggs are fresh and plentiful.


The first couple weeks sucked for sure but im feeling pretty good now.  I still hear the same stuff from everyone (that cant be healthy, youre going to have a heart attack, you must be constipated with all that meat).


To date im down 26lbs.  Ive managed to not cheat and im very strict on what i eat.  1 carb or 1 gram of sugar is a no go.


I take nmn and gnc multi pak daily.  Any other supplements you recommend?

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Welcome and congratulations Ignore the ignorant and stay true to yourself. You can be a good example as to the benefits of carnivore and if after that they choose remain ignorant then so be it. All that counts is your health, not their opinions.

Sugar in everything, yes, that was a real eye opener for me as well when I first became carnivore. When I started reading labels looking for clean food I was surprised to see how many products had sugar but also all kinds of other ingredients that don’t belong in the human food chain.

It sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work.

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Welcome aboard @atlsrt44 🙂

Ignore the naysayers. You are getting results and that is what matters. And yes, it's mind-boggling how sugar and seed oils are snuck into anything and everything, even in products that you wouldn't think it would be in, and for the life of me can't understand why it's in there.

On 2/16/2024 at 9:46 AM, atlsrt44 said:

I take nmn and gnc multi pak daily.  Any other supplements you recommend?

In general, you don't need to supplement if you are eating a proper human diet (keto, ketovore, carnivore). But if you don't get a lot of sun, then some vitamin D might be in order (you will want to test this periodically). Magnesium is hard to get enough of unless you eat like 3 pounds or more of meat a day, so many carnivores will drink LMNT or some other electrolytes, or take a magnesium supplement. You'll know if you need some yourself if you start having muscle twitches and leg cramps (we used to get magnesium in our water, but it's filtered out these days).

Your multivitamin might just cover all the bases. I would have to see a link to the nutrition facts.

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