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Thoughts Coconut & C8 MCT Oil ?

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I wonder what your thoughts on coconut and/or MCT oils are?

As there are not strict carnivore, do you still recommend it?

I‘m especially interested in your opinion on MCT oil. This is much more processed than the „normal“ coconut oil. Is it just a hype, is it good or does it even any harm?

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I just watch a video on this very subject this morning.
From what I do and from what I’ve learned from this video I don’t have any problems with using it. Dr. Sten Ekberg says that MCT OIL is good for helping us get into a ketosis state but that coconut oil is not as good at doing that. Either way neither is bad for us but neither is the best form of fat for us.
I use one tablespoon of coconut oil in my bulletproof tea every morning. I only drink one cup each morning so I’m only getting that little bit of coconut oil each day. I use it because the recipe for bulletproof tea or coffee calls for either MCT oil or coconut oil. Since I have the coconut oil on hand I just use it. It gives the froth to my tea that I like. After watching that video I’m thinking about using MCT to see how I like it in my tea.
I do not believe it does any harm.

Here’s the video


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MCT and Coconut oil are great to use, you get access to important acids, they are anti-inflammatory, use them both. However, if you are nauseous from getting fat in on this diet, MCT may be the trigger. If you have a loose stool, you may want to step back from it for a while. Otherwise, good stuff, and use it in combination of other fats. 

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Excellent advice above. In general, coconut oil, MCT oil, olive oil, and avocado oil are all okay as they are not seed oils. However I olive oil and avocado oil can't handle high heat so I wouldn't use them for cooking - but rather as a dressing. Another potential problem with olive oil is that a lot of "olive oil" is cut with soybean oil, so you have to be careful.

Coconut oil, from what I understand, has a very high smoke point and therefore is better to cook with... IF you like the taste of coconut, lol.

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11 hours ago, 1958MaleInEngland said:

Coconuts are not carnivore food. The whole point of the Carnivore diet is you don't need things like coconuts . 

True, nobody "needs" coconuts. And if you are trying to heal chronic or auto-immune conditions by doing a strict carnivore or lion diet, then yes you would want to eliminate coconut oil as well. Coconut oil contains salicylate, which are one of a plant’s defense mechanisms. Salicylate sensitive individuals may experience asthma, gut inflammation, diarrhea, rashes, and headaches. Coconut oil also contains oleosin which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. However many others can handle coconut oil just fine.

So yes, if you are trying to eliminate the plant foods that may be triggering our immune system, avoiding all plant oils is a good idea.

But we support our brothers and sisters who choose less strict carnivore diet variations, such as meat-centric keto, ketovore, or animal-based. Coconut oil can be a fine choice. It's high in saturated fat, low in polyunsaturated fat, and isn't put through rigorous processing like nasty seed oils.



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Pure carnivore is of course, ideal. But we strive for perfection, then we increase our chances to fail. We are on a diet, after all. We already said goodbye to refined sugars, processed foods, junk food, seed oils, etc. So if a coconut, an avocado, or some berries help maintain this carnivore journey, then so be it. We've then already avoided many toxins, carbs, and oxalates. Not everyone tolerates red meat, for example, some do worse on pork. It's a question of fine tuning this great diet as best as we can to our own benefit and needs.  

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