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Cant lose any weight

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Just found ya'll and hope someone can help.  My husband and I have been carniverous for 1 month.  I am a female so I didnt expect to lose as much weight as my husband. He's doing great with a 17# weight loss.  I, on the other hand, have lost only 5# in an entire month. We are very aware of what we are eating & I cant figure out why I cant seem to lose weight.  Its extremely frustrating & I'm wondering if this diet is not for me. Help!!1

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Don't get frustrated, men generally lose weight more quickly than women. They don't have as many complicating hormones wafting around their bloodstream causing general mayhem. 5lbs is excellent in one month, if that's what you've lost? I bet if you take a tape measure and go by your waist and hip measurements, you'll feel a lot more motivated. I don't keep scales because you can get a bit enslaved by them and lose track of the big picture. 

Some people can be very sensitive to coffee, and it can interfere with weight loss - not a common problem, but a possibility.

An obvious one is making sure you're eating enough, especially protein. If you don't, your body will kind of lock down and hoard the weight you have. Eating enough protein will also help to guard against catabolizing lean mass instead of burning your own fat. Maybe try using cronometer.com if you're not already. You can track your macros and calories and micronutrient breakdown to check you're getting enough goodness from your food. To break a plateau, maybe try varying the calorie amounts you have on different days of the week - keep your metabolism guessing, and incorporate some intermittent fasting days if you really want to speed things up.

If weight loss is particularly stubborn, getting your thyroid function tested - full panel, not just TSH (free T3, free T4 and possible antibodies like TPO that could indicate autoimmune issues like Hashimoto's).

Hang in there, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the main thing you need is patience. Carnivore isn't a quick fix, and it's possible your metabolism is damaged from low fat dieting in the past. Got to give yourself time to heal.

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Thank you for the help. Ill check out the website. Thanks for telling me 5# is ok.  All I keep reading & seeing is all these people dropping massive weight & was wondering what I was doing wrong.  I dont have a thyroid.  Ive been on Armour Thyroid meds for about 6 years. I knew that might give me a little problem.  AND i cant stand coffee so I wont worry abt that.  Ill try more of what you suggest & see if it helps.


Again, thank you so much for your reply. 1

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Congratulations on your progress Camchase. Five pounds is a positive thing.
Yes, women tend to loose different that men but they still loose.
Some women even gain in the beginning, just look at what Kelly Hogan went through and then look at her now.
You really haven’t been doing this long enough to be seeing anything dramatic yet.
I would like to caution you against seeing this way of eating as a weight loss diet. It’s not. It’s a way of eating, a lifestyle if you will, that is centered around getting our bodies metabolically heathy. This must happen before any serious loss will start happening.
As your body heals it will first burn up the glycogen stores in your body and then it will transition over to using fat for fuel. That’s when things start to kick off. It’s not going to happen overnight and can take longer that a month so be patient please.
Focus on eating a proper human diet and everything should start falling into place in its own time.
Everyone is different and we all have individual journey’s and experiences with how this WOE interacts with us so please, don’t judge yourself or progress against anyone else. The only person that you are competing with is that person in the mirror.
Stay motivated by reading books about carnivore. Stay immersed in the carnivore culture by watching videos of others who had great success and see how they dealt with the issues they encountered. Be encouraged by the experts as they explain how this all works in our bodies.
Stay strong and stay motivated and don’t just eat a carnivore diet but instead become carnivore.

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20 hours ago, Camchase said:

I dont have a thyroid.

So besides the fact that men lose weight faster than women (most likely due to more muscle mass translating to a higher metabolism), your lack of a thyroid is definitely going to slow things down. Try not to get too frustrated, and keep eating a proper human diet, even on the carnivorous end of that spectrum like you have been doing for the last month. That small incremental weight loss adds up over time, and remember that we're in this for our long term health.

Keep doing what you are doing and welcome aboard.

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Weight isn't everything, body composition will change for the better as well, as @butterflymentioned. Track your food on an app so you can collect data on what helps and what doesn't. Weightloss is mostly diet, but exercise will help, mainly with weight lifting. Muscle mass is directly connected with metabolic health. 

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