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Greetings all

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I am new here, committed to the carnivore lifestyle. I started gradually decreasing vegetables in the spring of 2023 and in the fall I stopped all vegetables. However, I was still drinking teas, cocoa, and occasional coffee. 

Since I have a lot of chronic health challenges (prostate bladder, kidney, lower leg swelling, etc.), in January I decided to go completely clean carnivore: just fatty meat, tallow and water. I think this might give me the best chance of improving my health.

I haven’t seen dramatic improvements like many people have, but I feel better mentally, and I instinctively feel this is the type of nutrition that is best for my body. 

It’s a journey; I realize carnivore isn’t guaranteed to fix all my health challenges, but it still feels right in my gut, so I’m likely in it for the long haul. 

I’m happy to be a part of this community and offer support for everyone on this carnivore journey. We’re seen as crazy by the “normies,” and that’s ok; we know what we’re doing and we support each other. 👍

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Welcome Les. Glad to have you on board. We look forward to sharing your journey with you.
You are correct that carnivore will not cure everything. It cures or helps metabolic damage brought on by inflammation. It’s cured or helped many things in my life but some things are just permanently damaged that are not going to be healed. But the inflammation surrounding that damage is reduced so the pain is tremendously better.
I too have a prostrate issue, in fact I’m getting my biannual PSA done today. I’m hoping for positive results.
Normies, I like that. It’s funny how they think this a fad diet and so restrictive when in reality man has eaten this way from the beginning of our existence and it is the most freeing way of eating I’ve ever experienced.

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14 hours ago, LesW said:

I haven’t seen dramatic improvements like many people have, but I feel better mentally, and I instinctively feel this is the type of nutrition that is best for my body.

Welcome aboard Les! I do hope that you reap some benefits from your carnivore diet. It has done wonders for me I am not looking back (I'm meat centric, and will occasionally eat a plant). 

It's true carnivore won't heal everything. A lot of us see quick results with reversing diabetes or lowering blood pressure. Some people lose a lot of weight up front. Others seem to have to heal metabolically before the weight starts dropping. But think of all the years you spent feeding your body junk... it's not gonna all get fixed overnight.

I was listening to a podcast/video today, and they were talking about polyunsaturated fats found in seed oils, and how most Americans have an imbalance of Omega-6 vs Omega-3's. The guest said that it can take 4 years for your body to return to normal levels. So we need to be on this journey for the long haul.

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Thanks so much Geoff. 🙏I take it one day at a time; my state of mind is better than it’s been for a while, and that makes it easier to deal with the physical stuff.

I think a lot of the normies live in a different world—and that’s fine, no judgement or criticism. We’re all on a unique path in life.  

I hope your test results are positive. 👍

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I appreciate the well wishes Bob. 🙏‍ It is a long journey. After so many years of eating carbs, I know I have to be patient and pragmatic. 

Food is one piece of the puzzle. I maintain optimism, and I’m also open to other ways of improving my health and well being. 

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