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Issue with greasy taste in mouth long after the meal

Guest Vojtech

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Guest Vojtech

Hi there! I recently gave carnivore diet shot for few days, and even thought I overall felt good, I absolutely could not stand having this sort of "grease reflux" all the time. When I eat for example a hamburger with buns, I have no such issue, but when I eat the meat on its own, I have this terrible greasy feel in my mouth even hours after the meal and it's preventing me from sticking to this diet. Is there perhaps some alternative to bread that could be used to sort of "soak up" the grease? Or is there some other way to combat this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I haven’t experienced that. I love the fat but it doesn’t cost my mouth. With hamburger I find that it’s not greasy enough so I add butter to it.
There are carnivore breads and tortillas that are made from protein that may help you. The tortillas are called Egglife Wraps. They am an be found at some grocery stores. You can go to their website and find where they are sold.
The breads you’ll have have to make yourself. There are a ton of videos on utube with recipes on how to make breads using eggs as it’s foundation and some that use meat.
Maybe eat some pork rinds with your meal or after if you can find some that are not cooked in seed oils.
Drinking some hot bone broth might help as well.

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What do you mean by "grease reflux"? If you feel like the hamburger grease coated your mouth, just rinse it out. @Miranda's recommendation for hot water or @Geezy's about hot bone broth is a good suggestion because hot temperatures helps liquefy fat and wash it away. I still drink carbonated beverages, whether water or sugar free sodas, and this usually neutralizes and leftover tastes for me.

But when I hear "reflux" I think of vomit, wet burps, or just burps that taste like your last meal. If this is the case, maybe you need to NOT drink carbonated beverages until several hours after eating.

@Orweller's comment on maybe it's keto-breath is also a good point to ponder. Did this gradually become a problem after several days? Is it a metalic taste of sorts. A lot of people experience this when they first start burning fat/ketones for energy after all the glucose stores have been depleted. The funky taste/breath sticks around for a few weeks at best and then goes away.

If it's keto-breath, the only thing you can do is brush regularly and pop a sugar free mint in emergency situations, lol

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