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I saw thread about swearing on forums, but what about TV?
Do you think they should lighten up on the censors? What words should be allowed and what shouldn't?
Do you think after a certain time (maybe 10pm?) all words should be fair game?

I personally don’t like it. But..I also believe in free speech. I also believe in self discipline. I also believe in choosing to watch what you want to watch and turning of what you don’t like.
If all of those people who didn’t like it would just quit watching those shows instead of supporting it even though they dislike what it does then these shows would tone it down as they lost advertisers.
Because of the blatant use in film it has become so mainstream that it has become common in polite company as well as just everyday conversation. Choose with your morals and vote with your pocketbook.
I think the greater issue is the porn that has permeated everyday movies and shows. Absolutely none of it is necessary to tell the story. It is all for sexual gratification and serves no purpose.

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