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Feeling very sad, stressed on carnivore.

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I´m new to this community and hope somebody could help me out with my problems I had so far with my carnivore journey.

As the title states I feel very sad and stressed out on carnivore, by that I mean eating only meat, cheese etc. maybe 10g carbs a day.

I have  been diagonsed with MDD and anxiety disorder and take, therefore, sertraline 200mg + diazepam 10mg. Prior to carnivore

I was on a low carb diet with a max of 70-100g. I´m a 36 years old male and had gallbladder removel some years ago. I get especially said after a

meal. My theory is that the missing insulin favors the uptake of amino acids to the brain that promote catecholamines, but thats just a guess.

I have been doing carnivore for 1 month now. I have been trying to reduce the weight training to two times a week still I get more adapted to the

diet. Is cortisol the issue ? I read some studies that stated that cortisol normalizes after 8 weeks.


Thanks in advance


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cutting down from 70-100 to 0 still might take your body a bit to get used to. that sugar spike from the mono and complex carbs gave you micro dopamine hits all throughout the day going to 0 is going to reset everything. I'd be willing to bet on another 2 to 3 weeks you are going to be banging and feeling great. I've personally been on sertraline. I'd Start slowly tapering down off it like 25mgs a week. Usually what  pharmacists recommend to weening. body is getting mixed signals

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I don’t really have an answer for you but I will say that everyone I’ve ever heard of that was doing carnivore and has any kind of anxiety, depression or mental health issues find them resolved by becoming strict carnivore and that means no carbs, has seen great improvement or even cured.
One month is not very long to start seeing great changes on this WOE. You didn’t get sick overnight so don’t expect to be cured overnight.
It sounds to me like you are just going through carbohydrate addiction withdrawals.
Hang in there.

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I have had mdd and anxiety my whole life and think I will need the medication for life. Right now I'm not in a place to get off of it.

I will try getting through it like you guys recommend. Btw, I never was a high carb person, always low to max 200g of carbs. 


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yeah anxiety and Mdd all neurological chemical imbalances that def can be reversed. I had ptsd from the army and severe anxiety social anxiety and depression. On quite a few different meds. I just had  a wantcand need to get off it it paired with a super limited diet did it for me. 

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