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Doing research on this way of eating!

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My chiropractor is a carnivore and she is fully embracing her lifestyle.  

She is aware of my health issues physically and mentally. 

She has made me aware of the benefits and now my curiosity has peaked.

I am 67 and need to do something about my health and lifestyle.

Looking forward to gaining knowledge from this forum.

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Welcome aboard tatertot. Ron White fan?

Your chiropractor is steering you in the right direction for sure.
I would suggest you do your research and understand what it’s all about before starting. It will not only make starting it easier but will also give the confidence to know you’re doing the right thing for your health.
I was 66 when I started and I’m fixin to turn 68 and I feel better than I have in 20 years.

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Welcome, just joined the board and just recently started carnivore. I have back and neck issues as well. Not selling it as a 'snake oil' but in about 30 days I am off the prednisone that has kept me going the last several years. Was it the diet itself or the loss of 30lbs that helped my back/neck? I am sure it was a combination of both, but regardless of which, I'm there. 

I didn't read the directions. I just dove right in and then read the plans after about 30 days. I didn't make a lot of mistakes early but a little research would have saved me some time and maybe even a little money. There are some setbacks like diarrhea, the carno/keto-flu, some energy issues but knowing about them first might help someone push thru. Personally, I only had the bathroom issues. I drank a bottle of chocolate milk on an empty stomach and then ate a mongo rib eye. That case was going to happen with or without the carnivore approach. 

Good luck. 5 weeks and really happy with the decision to eat this way.



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So I didn't read the directions to start off. I started with just meats. Anything from steak to chicken to burgers to fish. And a lot of eggs. The first week I stayed on the Mountain Dew and then kicked it. The first week I also used some Heinz 57 on some chicken. From then it was straight meats and water/drink mixers for flavor. 

I tried a couple of the 'preferred' electrolyte drinks and for the most part they tasted like crap. I use the cheap Food Lion brand Pink Lemonade for the most part. I even tried to make the homemade electrolyte mix but both of the above made me feel bloated and I tasted salt all day. Ditched that as a plan as well. Now I use the mix I made when I salt the meats.

My diet is nothing spectacular and it does not have any real rhyme nor reason. I may eat the same thing a couple days in a row, or I may swap it up. My wife is not on the plan so when she cooks dinner, I'm just eating the meat portion. On occasion we cook twice so I can have food for nightshift. 

I didn't read the rules or the suggestions prior to starting, just sort of winged it. 





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