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I started around May 8th of this year. The first 30 days I lost 30 pounds in 31 or 32 days. 

This last week I'm bouncing all over the place. I'm basically eating one male a day. Not that I expect to lose weight at that pace but is it odd that I am fluctuating anywhere from 2-4 pounds every day?

I ate a honking ribeye and the next morning I was down 2lbs. The next day I was not hungry and ate much lighter. The following day I had gained those 2lbs back plus 1.


The dumps now are few and far between, I feel OK and I guess it comes with the cleaner eating. 

Just wondering?



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Yes it’s normal. I am at what I believe is my optimal weight and it fluctuates all of the time within a four pound window. It also did that during my weight loss phase.
Of course eating one “male” a day might be a bit excessive.
Many people feel that it’s better to not weigh everyday because it can be discouraging due to those fluctuations. Maybe only weigh once a week. Instead of using just your weight as a metric try measuring your body. Even when we hit a stall we can still lose inches.
Less frequent bowel movements are also very normal. Because meat is so readily absorbed due to its bioavailability there just isn’t much waste left over.

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There are typos and then there are TYPOS. I hit that one out of the park. LOL

Yep. During the time of the 2–4-pound swings I had to cinch my belt up a bit tighter and my work clothes at the plant are a lot more loose. I'm happy with the progress and need to shed a lot more weight but I'm not expecting the wicked pace I set the first month or so.

I'm at a 33lb loss right now, in the area where I am just not hungry, and my energy levels are higher than they have been in years in years. It feels like a good place. 

Start and end with a funny. The dumps have been few and far in between as of late. Nothing drastic just not going as often as times past. This morning, I had walked to the 1.5 mile mark from home and made my pivot in the road to go the other way. Whatever had been hanging around this past week decided it was time. Not when I get home, not five minutes from now, but this is about to get bad really quick. I jumped the ditch and ran into a patch of trees along the roadside. I did what I had to do and I had to use what tools I had. I found success in the nick of time.

It was more of a non-carnivore event with a cinch of the belt to boot. 

My swing this morning was four pounds lighter than yesterday. LOL




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The initial weight loss is dramatic. A lot of it is the loss of excess water because you are not eating carboHYDRATEs <- get it? After that initial weight loss, it will work itself down to 1-2 pounds a week on average, with occasional plateaus that will frustrate you. But keep doing what you're doing. Oftentimes when you're stalled, your still losing inches, or the body is focused on healing something instead. Sometimes, the rapid weight loss causes the body to go into "conservation mode" because normally rapid weight loss is a negative sign - disease or famine. But eventually your body realizes it's not starving to death and the weight loss resumes.

If it goes on for too long, we got some tricks up our sleeve. But when you get within range of your ideal weight, the last 10-15 pounds are the most stubborn, and you gotta work for it, lol.

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