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Curious to try out carnivore diet, but do I need to eat 2.5kg of meat a day?

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I have long been curious about trying out the carnivore diet. I am quite strict with what I eat and I lift weights regularly with the aim of building more muscle while still staying within a healthy bodyfat %. (usually around 14-16%)

Currently I eat about 2800 kcal a day to maintain my weight.

I tried to put into my food calculator though how much meat (beef) I needed to eat per day to reach that goal of 2800 kcal and that is almost exactly 2.5kg of meat (2500 grams)

That is a whole lot of meat and according to the calculator 520 grams of protein (0 carbs and 87grams of fat).

Any thoughts on this and how much meat do you guys eat a day?

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Something in your math or data isn't adding up.

2500g = 5.51 pounds

1 lb of grain finished hamburger meat (70% lean) contains about 1250 calories.
A 16oz rib eye would have about 1220 calories (112g of protein and 85g of fat).
^ these are very similar.

1220x5.51= 6722 calories, which is 2.4x greater than the 2800 kcal you are currently consuming.

So it actually works out this way: If you were to only eat ribeye or 70% lean burger or ribeyes, you would have to eat 2.24 lbs, or 1016g. This is actually very doable, as you eat one steak at lunch and another at dinner, fat and all.

I eat twice a day. first meal may be 4 eggs fried in butter, with 4 sausage patties. This is around 960 calories. My second meal will be a 16-20 oz steak, which is around 1200-1500 calories. My daily caloric intake is 2200-2500, just a little shy of yours.

Hope that made sense.

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Do you need to? What does your body tell you?
I personally don’t count anything. For one thing my brain isn’t wired for numbers, they just don’t make sense to me. And that’s what I love about eating carnivore. It doesn’t require that I count anything. I eat what my body needs, meaning I eat to satiation and only eat when my body tells me it need fuel by giving me hunger signals.
Now I’m losing weight and not trying to gain weight but from talking to those who eat carni for weight gain the principles are the same. Eat as much fatty meat as you want and to satiation.

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