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Are there any ethical concerns associated with Carnivore diet?

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No real environmental concerns. There's some propaganda that eating beef is bad for climate change, but just the sound of that should raise an eyebrow. It doesn't even begin to make sense. This stuff is usually vegan propaganda.

The question of ethics is also rooted in vegan propaganda, but I can actually appreciate this a little more. I do respect life and believe that animals should be well-treated and respected. 

I took a man and his wife out to lunch one time. They were visiting from out of town. I took note that the wife had ordered a vegan/vegetarian dish and so I asked if she was vegetarian of if she just like that dish. She said she was a vegetarian. I asked her how long and why she was doing it for health reasons. She replied "I just don't feel like something has to die in order for me to eat".

And that was a fine answer. I can respect that. I could have elaborated on the benefits of carnivore or talked about how plants are living things too and they die so we can eat, but that wouldn't have been respectful, and in fact might have even been rude. She's happy with her choices and so I am happy for her. Whenever someone asks about the ethics of eating this way, I always think of what she said.

But I believe an animals should have a happy and fulfilling life, and when their times up, it should be over and done with quickly.

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