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What about fruits and vegetables?

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24yo, 63kg, 1.74cm workout everyday.

Im a week into the carnivore diet in hopes to Treat my sleep apnea and body pain, injury from a car accident years ago.

Although I have a big appetite and eat a lot, since the transition i find it hard to eat more than 750g 70/30 ground beef and 4 eggs a day.

Is it possible to add some fruits/vegetables? If so which can I? And should I cook them before?

Will it hurt my process in terms of sleep apnea and pain?

Do you have any recommendations how can I eat more meat?

Thanks in advance?

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6 hours ago, Matan1262 said:

Is it possible to add some fruits/vegetables?

Well you can do what you want 😉. Paul Saladino went from Carnivore to Animal-Based and he eats the fruitage of plants, but won't eat any stems, leaves, and roots. He will argue that plants are toxic because they don't want to be eaten, but their fruitage isn't because they WANT animals to eat the fruitage and spread their seed when they eliminate waste. I do agree with him. And so "fruitage" can include vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, squash, etc.

Since I am trying to lose weight at the moment, I am not eating any plant matter. But when I reach my goal weight, I will revert to more of a ketovore/animal-based diet, at least for a trial run and see how it goes.

6 hours ago, Matan1262 said:

Will it hurt my process in terms of sleep apnea and pain?

Maybe, maybe not. The best thing you can do to get rid of inflammation is an elimination diet, and carnivore or lion diet is the ultimate elimination diet. I would stick it though for at least 90 days to see if that sleep apnea and pain will subside. Then, if you want, you can start adding back one thing at a time each week to see how your body reacts to it. If you add back a something and your inflammation or pain returns then you know not to eat that particular item.

6 hours ago, Matan1262 said:

Do you have any recommendations how can I eat more meat?

In your other topic you said you were eating twice a day. I would add a 3rd meal.

For example, lets say right now you are doing 2MAD 375g + 375g to get your 750g. Try 275g + 275g + 275g to bring it up to 825g.

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If you really want to eat carnivore to heal your body then just do carnivore. Eating fruits and vegetables is not carnivore. At best you might be able to call it ketovore.
It may sound like semantics or hair splitting but it’s really not.
You are only a week into this way of eating and already looking for a way off of it.
Set your goal. Then set your plan to reach that goal and then don’t deviate from it for at least 90 days or until you reach that goal. First heal yourself.
Don’t complicate it or overthink it.
Fatty meat, salt, water. It’s simple.

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