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Using an Air Fryer

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Have you used an air fryer? How do you like it? How often do you use it? Is there anything particular you have found you really like about using one?

Here is something I have found:

I can take a chicken breast that is thawed just enough to get a knife through it, slice it or cut it into pieces, season it and cook it in the air fryer and have it ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. I turn the air fryer on to "air fry" at 400º While it is preheating, I cut the chicken and season it. I place it in the fryer set for 8 minutes. During the cook, I shake the basket to stir the pieces around. At the end of the 8 minutes it is all the way done but not dried out.

Seasoning will vary depending on what I feel like using.


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Honestly, I don't have much air fryer experience. We have a little one that is barely used, and when I did use it, I was still eating things like tater tots and pizza rolls. Since I started eating Keto and then eventually Ketovre/Carnivore I haven't touched the air fryer.

However, I have read some comments from other people who say they cook steaks in an air fryer and they turn out well. I would have never thought that you could cook real actual meat in an air fryer, aside from wings. I think in my mind air fryer was just a substitute for a deep fryer, sans the oil. So you talking about cooking chicken breast in one is something I need to try as well.

I'll probably experiment more with it in the winter. Summer is for grillin' 😄

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16 hours ago, Bob said:

I think in my mind air fryer was just a substitute for a deep fryer, sans the oil.

An air fryer is more akin to a convection oven with a turbo. It uses air driven dry heat to cook the food and, since the food is confined to a smaller space than a cook stove oven, the air circulation is much more vigorous as it surrounds the food.

Although many recipes call for using a small amount of oil of the food, it is not required.

Pork and chicken cook quite well in an air fryer. Personally, I have not had the same success with beef - but then, I haven't cooked that much beef in ours - we usually use the grill or the stove.


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