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Carnivore Diet Breakfast Recipes That “Mimic” Traditional Breakfast Meals

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What are some of your more unique breakfast recipe ideas for the carnivore diet that mimic traditional breakfast items.

The Breakfast Waffle was an idea I saw recently. Although it’s more like an omelette in taste, it looks like a waffle. Ingredients are pretty simple: eggs, breakfast sausage, and butter. And of course a waffle iron to get the waffle look.

Any other ideas or recipes you utilize?

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I don’t eat breakfast simply because I only eat when I’m hungry and I don’t get hungry until the afternoon some time.

In the morning when I first get up I’ll fix myself a bullet proof tea.

One cup of hot tea. I like English Breakfast or Earl Gray. Coffee can also be used.
One teaspoon of butter.
One teaspoon of coconut oil or MCT oil.
Emulsify in a blender, I use a NutraBullet, for 30 seconds.

These are good anytime though if you want something that resembles traditional breakfast foods.

Liver and egg pancake.


Liver Pancakes

• 3 oz raw beef liver
• 3 eggs
• 3 tbsp ghee
• sea salt 

• Blend the raw liver, eggs, ghee (room temperature/softened), and a dash of sea salt in a blender until smooth. No liver chunks should be left.

• Make as you would normal pancakes at medium heat, with the exception of cook time and resting from heat. **See note below.

• Top with 1 tbsp of ghee, and honey if you tolerate it/prefer. Enjoy!

**Important notes:

Beef liver cooks VERY quickly, so these pancakes will cook fast (usually about 15-20 seconds per side). Sometimes slightly more or less. You'll know to flip it when the batter starts to bubble and the bottom of the pancake has solidified.

These pancakes like a lot of fat while cooking, so between every 1-2 pancakes, add some ghee to the pan.

Between each pancake, I let the pan rest from heat for about 10 seconds. I pour the next pancake onto the pan while it is removed from heat, and after about 5 seconds, I add the pan back to heat. This prevents the pancake batter from sizzling, cooking too fast, and burning.

I usually pour about 1/4 cup of batter per pancake. One batch makes about 6 pancakes.

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I'll have to give that recipe a try. Thanks Geoff @Geezy!

10 hours ago, Calamity said:

The Breakfast Waffle was an idea I saw recently.

There's a popular waffle like creation in the keto-carnivore world called a Chaffle.

Cheese + Waffle = Chaffle.

It's basically eggs and cheese and cooked in a waffle maker, and then used as a "bun" for any type of sandwich. Nutrient dense and only trace carbs, all animal products. 

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