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Oh yeah, it’s changed quite a bit . It’s called spring, summer, fall and winter.
Don’t worry about something you can’t do anything about.
The planet has always gone through cyclic changes since the beginning of time and man and farting cows have never had anything to do with it.
Study some actual science and history and stop listening to the drivel spewing out of the mouths of these idiots that just want attention.

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So from an observational standpoint, yes, the weather seems to be different form when I was a child. I can remember it snowing, guaranteed, by my birthday in early November. I can also remember "Spring Break" being the last week of March and it was often warm enough to wear shorts - at least us crazy kids thought so.

Today, we really don't see snow until January. And then, sometimes that snow lasts into April, and we've even had a freak snow in the middle of May.

It's almost like we need a "leap month" to reset everything. Everything seems to be off by 30 days or so from when I was a kid.

Am I worried? No. I don't fret about things out of my control.

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