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Hi all

I‘m new to carnivore (1 week in) and I have a questions. 

According to my research, I read that about 75% of the calories should come from fat. 

I really struggle with this target. Even a fatty ribeye has just about 50% calories from fat. 

How does this work if you just want to eat meat, water and salt?

Thanks for your help.

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10 hours ago, Lava99 said:

Even a fatty ribeye has just about 50% calories from fat.

If you are looking up your ribeye nutritional facts online, you are going to get a ton of different results, many of them being for short ends, trimmed of all the fat, and very lean. But if you get a normal ribeye steak and eat all the fat with it you're going to be fine. Check out this link...


According to that, for a 4 oz piece of steak, which is pretty small, 300 out of the 370 calories come from fat. Don't forget to include the butter, ghee, or tallow that you cooked it in. 

You can also pour that butter, ghee, or tallow leftover in the pan from cooking into a small dish and use it as dipping sauce. You can also choose to melt a couple pads of butter over top of your steak. All of this will be pure fat. This is something I do regularly.

If you make scrambled eggs in butter, the eggs absorb all that butter. If you eat ground beef, get either 70/30 or 80/20 and try to resist draining the fat after cooking (this can be difficult with the 70/30 because there's a lot of it).

And then there are other carnivores who do quite well without overthinking the fat. 

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I don’t count the fat to protein ratios, I just make sure there’s animal fat in every thing I eat.
My morning tea is bulletproof with better and coconut oil. Eggs are cooked in tallow, bacon grease or ghee. And meat I eat including chicken will be cooked in animal fats and have butter on it as a topping. Don’t just count the fat in the meat but also the fat it’s cooked in as well as anything you too it with.

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