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8/2018: 41 YO, standard American diet in youth and 20s, cleaned up in 30s, paleo in 30s and 40s.  CAC score ZERO.


4/2024: 10 months of *strict* red meat, eggs, shrimp in 2021, keto-ish (some greens, nuts, berries, still mostly red meat and eggs) since.  47 YO on day of test.  CAC score ZERO.


My cholesterol, for several years now, has been at the "ZOMG YOU'RE GOING TO DIE ANY DAY NOW, ANY DAY!!!!!" level according to any doctor I've seen in the last decade.


No.  No, I'm not.  


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I wish I’d have been your age when I discovered the healing benefits of carnivore.
Sounds like you’re doing great.

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I've never had a CAC. I want to get one but I haven't explored where or how to around here yet.

I’m not sure if I’ve had one or not. When I had my first big AFib attack my cardiologist put me through a battery of tests to see if there was any damage to my heart or if I’d had a heart attack on top of the AFib. They also looked at my arteries for any blockage or buildup.
It started with a very thorough sonogram the like of which I’d never experienced before. It was interesting to see the blood flowing through my heart.
Then I had a nuclear stress test where they had me wired for sound and walking on a treadmill at a steep angle until my heart rate got up the the numbers they were looking for. I think it was 130 or 135 bpm. As soon as I hit that number the shot me with a radioactive isotope and then did an scan of my heart and arteries. Test came back negative in all regards. No heart attack, no damage, no blockage and no build up. So they said I was clean in my arteries. I don’t know if that has anything to do with CAC but saying my arteries are clean as a whistle gives me a warm fuzzy.

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14 hours ago, Orweller said:

What is a CAC? And should I care? 

Coronary Artery Calcium score...


Basically, a diagnostic test to determine how much calcium buildup you have on your arterial lining. The higher the number, the narrower your pipes are, and the higher risk you are of having a clot block an important passageway to your heart (heart attack) or brain (stroke).

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knowing me I'm fit run athletic prob dont have a 0 on cac. I'll need to get a test done. I guess if it's not ill be going on the lion diet as a game to see if I can reverse it. I've always cut agaisnt the grain. in a narcissistic way I want it to be elevated so I can do my best to reverse it

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