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Do you shy away from telling people, especially your doctor that you are carnivore?

Do you instead just say things like I’m low carb or I just don’t eat sugar and highly processed foods?

I know I have. And I know why I did it and that was because of fear. Fear of ridicule. Fear of being berated. Fear of not being able to defend my position.

But I’ve come to the realization that as long as we stay in the shadows we can never be accepted.

More and more studies and doctors are coming around to the truth that is carnivore and keto. The truth that mainstream medicine has been wrong all of these years. Unfortunately thought it is still a small niche.

It is said that there have been no long term studies on the effects of a ketogenic diet on the human physiology and that may be true but this is where my realization comes in…we are that long term study, but no one will know about it or be able to document it if we aren’t honest with our doctors and those we encounter.

Our doctors document every visit and every test we take and if we have the courage to be honest with them, no matter what, they will be documenting what we are doing and if we all do this then the medical community will be forced to see the truth in us and eventually all of this data may be compiled to show the world the truth that is carnivore and keto.

At my last doctors visit six months ago I failed to tell my doctor the truth about my new way of eating. I just said very low carb and no sugar or processed foods. No, I wasn’t lying but I wasn’t telling the whole truth and I was doing a disservice to our lifestyle. He thinks I’m just doing a restrictive SAD. That was because I didn’t have the courage to stand up for my convictions and I believe that was due to not being knowledgeable enough or prepared enough to defend my beliefs. That will not happen again.

I have my regular six month checkup next week and the truth will come out. I’m ready to defend my position and show him that I am the proof that carnivore is the proper human diet. So stand strong in your convictions. Educate yourself so that you have the ammunition and courage to defend your position.

Be a part of the study that shows the world that carnivore is the truth.

Be a Positive Deviant



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I am very straightforward with the 3 doctors in my life - my primary care physician, my nephrologist, and my gastroenterologist. My nephrologist and gastroenterologist are all on board with my mostly carnivore diet. Nephrologist doesn't think I am harming my kidneys and thinks there may even be some micro-impovements. Gastroenterologist has had no choice but to acknowledge that my decade long bout with ulcerative colitis is now cured with no medications. The PCP is the only one who is not on board - he thinks I am destroying my kidneys and heart - and wants to write prescriptions that I don't want to take.

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I agree, but sadly even when you do speak up. They tend to hear things through the filter of being the "smartest" person in the room.

You are absolutely correct but hopefully they will see the truth in us as we achieve and maintain the positive results from our WOE.

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