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I am feeling a bit sluggish today. Yawning a lot, I feel like I'd like to go take a nap. It could be that I woke up with an alarm today as I was on school break last week and woke up naturally each day, but I the tired feeling hit me as I was drinking my decaf with light cream. Why light cream? because it is next to impossible to find HWC that does not contain sludge.  

Does dairy make you sleepy?

What nasty side effects do you notice with dairy?

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With dairy I will initially have a craving for more dairy. It’s a trigger food for me so I limit it.
Regular dairy of course has sugar in it so I suppose you could be sensitive to that but I wouldn’t think that little bit in your coffee would hit you like that.
Tiredness could be from not getting good sleep, too little energy in form of fat for fuel. You may not be eating enough. It could be Lepton resistance. It can be a little hard to say for sure.
Try cutting out all dairy for several days or weeks and see if anything changes.

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I don't notice any effects. I have cheese at my leisure. But if I have too much the stools will become like rocks. I don't drink milk. Occasionally, I will buy heavy whipping cream and make ice cream, but even that was like 6 months ago.

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