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I am experimenting with a carnivore diet. Initially, I planned a 6 month trial. Since I began it has become a 1 month trial. I will most likely make it 6 months to see the effect. I have achieved cognitive benefits from a diet regimen in the past. However, I have not had it in me to go that route recently. 

I have been eating for comfort. I am also now on a medication which has weight gain as a side effect. I have not been inspired enough to give up what I get out of the comfort food. I have loved bakery desserts all of my life. Fortunately I had a metabolism that enabled me to eat anything and all that I wanted. I am not even pre-diabetic but I am curious to see how it feels to eliminate sugar. 

A few years ago I stumbled upon a book about something else but it happened to elaborate on diet, the evolution of mankind and how there is obesity where people are staving. I am curious to see how it feels to live on a carnivore diet. I like to eat and at times I have spent a lot of time experimenting with recipes and cooking. Out of necessity I was tired of the ways I have to prepare meats and thought of making soups. I ended up improving my soup making method after a few attempts and now think of soup as something very atypical of my limited menu. I anticipate discovering many things along the way as I work with a limited diet.

Please call me Meat

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Well Meat, welcome to our group.
I know a few people who eat carnivore that have little to no physical issues and no need to loose weight. They do it because it is the most nutritious way to eat.
They find that they do feel better and love the simplicity of this way of eating. You may find, like so many before you have found, that after trying carnivore as a curiosity it becomes a lifestyle rather than just a diet.

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Welcome aboard. 6 months is a good goal. I know personally that carnivore has improved my mental faculties. I used to struggle with negative thinking and depression (not officially diagnosed, nor medicated) and now I have a completely different outlook. I hope you see some benefit.

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