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Howdy from Austin

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Ex-chocoholic reporting for duty! I'm new here and looking for a community, support, and help.

I did Atkins very successfully about 20 years ago, but at that time it was all about the Atkins bars, the shakes, all the sugar-free syrups to put in your soda water, bottled salad dressing...you all know the drill. I lost 43 pounds on that diet. But I got bored, and my cravings only got worse over time (which I now know was due to all that crappy sweet stuff). When I fell off the wagon, I fell hard. My downfall was a Whopper with large fries. I can still remember how good those fries tasted!

Now, years later, I am a Type-2 diabetic, I have had a heart bypass, all but one of my arteries has been finally cleaned out, and the last one is getting scheduled. I feel surprisingly amazing after all that, but have been slowly going back to being fatigued all the time, weak, not able to walk more than a block, and a whole bunch of other problems.

So to make a long story short, I started my carnivore journey by following Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Shawn Baker, Kelly Hogan, and a bunch of others, and decided to give carnivore 90 days. I do love a good steak! I started on May 9th.  At that time I weighed 189 pounds. A week ago, I weighed 178 pounds. That's a great start to my journey, but I'm having a lot of problems that I will address in another post in the appropriate forum.

Unfortunately I get no support, with some family members making fun of me, so I'm just glad to be here with like-minded people. And I don't share my rib-eyes with them!

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Welcome Moomba, fellow Texan here. I about 220 miles north of you but I’m originally from San Antonio.
I did very well with Atkins myself but you’re right, those Adkins treats were part of my downfall.
It’s funny that you started May 9. That’s my start date as well only last year. I’ve now been carnivore for 377 days. I also developed a heart issue but not as severe as yours but I know that carnivore is the best diet for my health. It’s helped me in so many ways.
Besides all of the things that I’ve healed I also lost 55 pounds.
The first thirty days there was a few issues but they resolved themselves as I transitioned and became fat adapted.
Nobody but me does carnivore but my wife is supportive and does do a relaxed keto. No body around me makes fun of me. I’m sure they are all skeptical and probably talk behind my back but I don’t care. I’m doing this for me, not them. They darn sure don’t want to try to debate me on the subject because I’ll bury them with facts and they can’t back up anything that they may try to bring forth.
Do hesitate to ask questions, that’s what we’re here for.
Good luck and good health.

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Welcome aboard @Moomba. The original Atkins, based on the book, was a good plan. After he died his company was sold and the new "Atkins" became a shakes, bars, snacks, and meal company. Instead of wholesome recipes, it became a game of trying to create imitation versions of the junk food you were addicted to, which of course, solves nothing.

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Thanks for the welcome, all! I haven't had much of a chance to browse, but I plan to soak up some great info and get to know you all. I've been spending a few days discovering how amazing air fryers are!

Cheers! Raising a cup of bone broth!

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