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Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to the carnivore scene - 3.5 months in.

I feel very good about my decision to eat like this in the future and have already noticed some improvements in my health. Improved sleep and mood, weight loss and generally better well-being.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to try the carnivore diet was back pain from hell (as I like to call it), but unfortunately I haven't noticed any improvement here yet. I will of course continue, but I wanted to ask here if anyone shares my experiences? I know that healing is different for everyone and 3.5 months is not too long a period of time - but I have read from many people that back pain that had lasted for years disappeared after 90 days. Can someone please share their experiences?

Many thanks in advance


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Welcome Fraenk, glad you could join us.
Well I’m one of the fortunate ones who’s back pain was 90% alleviated within 60 days of carnivore.
I’m sorry your not finding any relief yet.
Just what exactly is your back issue?
I’ve had a protruding compressed disc do over thirty years and carnivore will not fix that but it does reduce the inflammation tremendously so that’s a big help. When I do strain my back by over exerting myself or lifting wrong my recovery is faster.
I also had developed spinal stenosis and had surgery for that and while the surgery fixed the stenosis I developed a constant back pain that in time restricted my movement so bad that it was getting difficult to to walk. I couldn’t walk to my mailbox a hundred yards away without using some kind of support and I couldn’t stand at the sink to wash dishes for five minutes without resting my forearms on the edge of the sink. Within 60-90 days of carnivore all of my inflammation and pain was gone and now I’m briskly walking 3 miles every other day without any support or discomfort.
The only reason I’m telling you this is to show that it all depends on what your issue is.
Carnivore will reduce or even eliminate inflammation which causes most of our pain but injuries are a different matter. The diet can help to reduce the inflammation around the injury but I don’t believe it can fix it entirely.

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I would like to add that high concentrations of oxalates can also cause chronic back pain according to Sally K. Norton in her book Toxic Superfoods.

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1 minute ago, Fraenk said:

I very rarely eat a small piece of cheddar, I avoid milk because it gives me stomach pains. I use a lot of butter

Cool, just wanted to rule out a discovery I just made, that dairy seems to be causing me low back pain.

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Hey Ceezy thank you! 

I have had severe pain in the lower part of my sacrum for 3.5 years now. There are no major abnormalities in the MRI. Normal wear and tear for 42 years. I have a colonoscopy next month to rule that out too. I do quite a lot of sport - unless the pain doesn't allow it. The lower back pain was one of my main reasons for trying carnivore. I would love to be pain-free... who wouldn't? I am still very happy to have discovered the carnivore diet for myself.

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Welcome Dom,

Keep doing what you're doing. The diet is nutritionally rich, anti-inflammatory, and it can take a long time to heal everything. Your back problems could stem from a non-diet related issue or injury so do follow through with the various tests to try and narrow down a reason.

I hurt mine back in 2006/7 tearing out a tile floor. Then, it was easy to reinjure or reinflame and it bother me for years and years. Sometimes I couldn't get out of bed without sliding to the foot of the bed, letting my legs drop to the floor, and very very slowly raising myself to a standing position. It was agonizing just to striaghten up. 

I eventually got a water bed, and it made all the difference in the world. After some time, I realized I hadn't suffered from back pain in who knows how long.

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