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Does anyone have any ideas about cookbooks for carnivores.  I don't want one that spends the first 20 pages convincing me that carnivore is good.  I'm convinced.  But all sorts of ethnic recipes and, of course, the basics of carnivore cooking are welcome.  I come from a German/Norwegian background so I know very well how to use sugar and flour.  And, now I can't.  Anything anyone can do to help will be more than welcome.  I discovered that cravings are non-existent when I have enough to eat, so snacks and small things that I can eat in place of the craved items, cookies, and especially chocolates will be gratefully accepted. 

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I am also of German (75%) and Scandinavian (25%) heritage.


I don’t know if any specific carnivore cookbooks but we do have a recipe thread on this forum and Dr. Kiltzs Mighty Tribe forum has a recipe section. Ours is small but growing.
There are many recipes on the internet if you ask specific questions and utube is loaded with people showing off their culinary skills in the carnivore spectrum.
I use these resources to get ideas and I will try many and modify some to suit my eating style.
When I create something I start with a foundation of meat, fat and salt and then I add or take away depending on what my body can handle. I also try to keep things simple. I’ve tried making breads using animal products as many utubers do but I find it more work than I care to do but I can make a savory stew with just meat, bone broth, salt and butter. One one difficult the other simple.
The thing you need be cautious of when looking at recipes that people put out there as carnivore are not always pure carnivore. For instance, my recipe for liverwurst is not carnivore in it’s ingredients but I put the caveat that you need to adjust the recipe to suit your style of eating and what your body can tolerate. A good example of that would be my Chaffle vs Paffle recipe. Chaffles use cheese but since I’m presently abstaining from dairy I’ve substituted the cheese with pork rind panko. It works well and is now my go to bread.
I’ve heard many people complain and even quit carnivore stating that there’s no variety but I would argue that variety in carnivore is only limited by your imagination.

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There's a handful that pop-up if you type "carnivore cookbook" in Amazon. Paul Saladino's book looks interesting, although I think there is going to be some keto and animal-based options in there also since he published it in 2022. The air fryer cookbook looks interesting. And I see Courtney Luna has a book coming out on October 1st, and she's also a trusted name in the community.

And don't forget about Chris Cooking Nashville on YouTube...


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