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Just getting started... a month in

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My son tried the carnivore diet, lost 12 or so pounds and then gave it up after about three weeks. I thought I would give it a try. Like most, men I just opened the box and didn't read any of the directions. LOL It took me a week to come off the Mountain Dew but went straight to an all-meat diet. For me, being a boring eater anyway, it has been relatively easy on just meats. The weight immediately started to fall off as I am 6'2" and was 306lbs. 6 pounds the first week and 9 the second week, give or take a day. I rolled onto my 12-hour rotating shifts and did the carnivore thing but only ate once a day. After that rotation I had lost over 20lbs and just this past weekend I had lost 30 pounds in 32 days. I have eaten nothing but meats and eggs from the start. I did continue to use drink mixers as I am not that big on drinking just water. This past week I decided to do some research.

The weight loss has been amazing, and I am no one to scream, "Hey look at me" but.....I have NMO/Devic's, autoimmune disease similar to Multiple Sclerosis. After a string of 12–14-hour night shifts I have pain in my upper back and at the base of my neck due to the inflammation from stenosis and healed lesions. For the last couple of years, the days after the string of night shifts, I take a prednisone for the inflammation, and it keeps me going. This week as I read about the benefits of the carnivore diet in regard to inflammation and I remembered I didn't need the prednisone this past week. 

I didn't do any electrolytes, vitamins or supplements the first 32 days. Just meats and water. I felt fine other than a bout with diarrhea that was rather severe. The first day I tried an electrolyte drink I felt like I was bloated like a balloon. Lots of gas as well. 

I'm into the second 60 second day stint. I don't really have any weight loss goals just get healthier.

I feel great and I the morning oohs and ahhs are gone. 

Time will tell.




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Welcome Scott.
Oh man I’m so excited for you. It was around the sixty day mark when everything started coming together for me health wise. It was at the ninety day mark that I knew in my very innermost being that this was the way man was meant to eat and that I would eat this way for the rest of my life.
I get so excited when I hear of other people going through the same experience.
This is truly a healing diet. I won’t bore you with my list but suffice it to say it’s extensive.
You have many more wonderful improvements ahead of you. Enjoy your journey and keep us posted on your progress.

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He might, not sure. His biggest enemy is he and his wife eat out a lot. I think that hindered him as much as anything. 

Some of the issues of the need for variety and eating out don't really apply to me. I'm really boring. I could eat bologna sandwiches every day and not complain so I don't need to go for the variety in carnivore just yet. Maybe down the road. 

I gained weight for the first time today. My 30lb loss is now 28lb but no real complaints. I'm a doubter by nature so I have to experience it for myself. 30 days in and I am blown away already. Just the fact I didn't need medicine this time around has made it worthwhile. 

I'm reading and looking things up and learning along the way. 


Exploring the forum now. 





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Eating out can be a challenge especially if you are not totally committed to begin with.
I used to think it was going to be an issue in the beginning but I’ve found that looking up the restaurants menu ahead of time prepares me to make better decisions and it’s real easy to just order the meat and either skip the sides or take them home for the dogs or chickens. If on the chance everyone want to go somewhere that doesn’t have anything I can eat, such as an Italian restaurant then I have no problem with just drinking water and enjoying the company I’m with.

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For starters, congratulations on your successes so far.

Yes, eating out can be a hinderance. We used to eat out ALL the time. But since I've started this WOE we hardly go dine out anymore. Maybe once every week or two. The family has learned which restaurants I don't mind eating at, where I can eat carnivore or at least mostly carnivore/ketovore.

I tried to diet for years and it was always difficult when the rest of the family was not on board. Eventually, I just had to commit and resist their peer pressure to take me down, lol.

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