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Weight loss plateau with Strict Carnivore - past four weeks with the same weight - how to break the cycle?

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Weight loss plateau with Strict Carnivore - past four weeks with the same weight - how to break the cycle?

Hello all, I am in my second month with Carnivore and don't lose weight - my body thinks it's starving and alert defense mechanism - that is what I believe.

I lost some weight before I started with Carnivore and now I want to break or interrupt this cycle of weight plateau - read it can continue for very long periods.

Any advice is welcome. Cheers Patrik

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For starters, can you give a rundown on what your typical day of eating consists of, including beverages, seasonings, and supplements? I know you said strict carnivore, but I've seen various definitions of "strict". Do you take any medications?

I've broken through plateaus in various ways. Exercise, intermittent fasting, eliminating cheese, making sure not to eat too late, or changing up my macros.

If you're portion controlling and eating light/low calories, then yeah, your body might be in "conservation mode" thinking that there must be a famine or food shortage. If this is the case we just have to convince the body that there is food and make it ramp up metabolism.

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I’ve plateaued so many times that I got curious if I could see any kind of pattern. So I started weighing myself every day and recording the weights.
I changed nothing in my diet but I noticed that I would plateau for one or two weeks, even gaining some weight back. At one time I plateaued for a full month on the second month. Then all of a sudden I’d just start dropping pounds. One or two a day and once even three pounds in one day. This would last for a week or so and then plateau again for a week or so. This is the cycle I’m caught up in. I’ve learned to not let it bother me and just keep on keeping on.
I’m in my lifestyle of eating. That will never change and sometimes my body may have to go through adjustment periods but it’ll straighten itself out on its own and I don’t feel the need to “shock” it or do anything different. I don’t even have a weight loss goal because this is a weight optimization diet and my body will decide when to lose and how much to lose and eventually stop where it’s supposed to and I’ll just keep eating the way I’ve been eating ever since I started this carnivore lifestyle of eating.

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