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Will I still benefit if my diet is meat bought at store, vs focusing on grass fed and finding a source?

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Of course you can.
Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.
If you can afford and have the resources to buy the grass fed regenerative farmed beef straight off the farm then that would be great as it does have a better nutritional profile but if all you can afford or have access to is ground beef and lunch meat then that’s works just fine. It’s not optimal but you can still get good carnivore results from it.
I would guess that the majority of people who are carnivore’s eat just store bought beef and most of the ones I know eat store bought ground beef more than anything.
If I didn’t raise and hunt my own animals for food I wouldn’t hesitate to buy my meats at the local grocery stores or Wally World. For a treat though I would go to one of the local butcher shops and pick out a nice thick ribeye once in awhile.

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22 hours ago, tatortot said:

What do you think?

You'll be fine. Dr. Berry says that if all you can afford is hotdogs, vienna sausages, and Spam, then that's still a million times better than the tens of thousands of ultra-processed junk food products there are.

If we're talking ground beef and steaks, there is only a slight difference between grass fed and grain fed. The grass fed will have slightly better nutritional content and a better omega-3 profile, but the grain fed beef is adequate enough. 

It's cheaper to buy from the grocer or warehouse club. But if you can afford to support your local rancher, that's a wonderful thing to do.

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