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I used to drink fairly often. I started off as a "social" drinker, but I would take part in social occasions very frequently in my youth. Eventually, I would start stocking something at home. For a time, I would always have a beer or two with dinner, and then a shot of bourbon to help me go to sleep. This was my pattern for a while. For one anniversary, my wife even got this cute little bar looking thing that held the bottles upside down and you could press a glass against them and dispense whatever you had there.

In the past, when I would do low-carb dirty keto, I would devise ways to have a low carb or zero carb drink. I would still make it work and manage to lose weight. But this spring, when I decided to really take charge of doing something about my health, I went clean keto and then carnivore, and there was no more room for a daily drink, or even a weekly drink. This is for me, of course - your mileage may vary.

Since starting this WOE and losing 50 lbs, I have only had a shot of bourbon (my favorite drink) in the first Tuesday of every month, when we go out to support my cousin's Open Mic Night. Outside of that, nothing. I have several bottles on top of my fridge of things I haven't touched in 7-8 months. My wife use to sell wine, and we have tons of that too. It's all collecting dust.

What about you? Do you still drink alcohol?

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I started drinking when I was around 14 or 15. I was hitting bars by 16. In the Army I drank like a fish. After I got out I drank anytime I wasn’t at work.
My father was an alcoholic but you never really knew it because he drank all the time but never appeared intoxicated. The man was in three wars so he had his demons.
As much as I drank, I wasn’t an alcoholic. Seems strange I know but I just didn’t have an addictive personality when it came to alcohol.
When I got married and started having kids I just quit drinking.
After the kids were grown and gone I started back up but I didn’t drink just for the sake of drinking. I drank for flavor. I love a good dark ale or stout. I like trying different whiskeys and have developed a fondness for the Irish.
Then I developed AFib. I was told that alcohol may be a contributing fact but it wasn’t like I drank all the time anymore, just once in awhile. After my four trip to the ER and another stay in the ICU I said that’s enough, I’m tired of this.
So when I started on carnivore back in June I cut out all alcohol. Now I’ve always said that I wasn’t going sober per say, I just wasn’t going to drink unless it was a very special occasion.
So this last weekend I went to Kansas for a pheasant hunt. It was two days of hard walking through very thick grasses and by the second day I was beat and sore and tired. So I decided that I could use a whiskey and raise a toast to my fellow veterans so I had a glass of Jameson.
A short time later I felt two heart palpitations so I figured that’s all I need to know about alcohol and my heart condition

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