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Strong Medicine by Dr. Blake Donaldson, MD [Files Library]


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Strong Medicine by Dr. Blake Donaldson, MD

A doctor’s successful fight against two of mankind’s most common afflictions—overweight, with its six attendant dangerous diseases, and allergy. Dr. Donaldson went to medical school in the late 1800s and practiced medicine in New York until the mid-1900s.

First published in 1961, Strong Medicine by Dr. Blake F. Donaldson is a diet book supporting a meat-only diet. Dr. Donaldson had very good success treating overweight people with a diet where up to 24oz. of fatty meat was prescribed daily. His general recommendation was 6 oz of lean meat combined with 2 oz of visible fat three times per day from ruminant animals only, such as  lamb or beef. His philosophy comes from the idea: “During the millions of years that our ancestors lived by hunting, every weakling who could not maintain perfect health on fresh fat meat and water was bred out.”

A fascinating read for anyone interested in diet and health!

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I actually did some reading in this book this morning. And it's very fascinating. For example...

"No one knew then, and as far as I know, no one knows with certainty now. Some patients can lose weight while eating 2 lbs of meat at each meal, three times a day. It depends on the individual. Some can eat much more than others, and not gain. We heard of a woman down in Tierra del Fuego who, if she could get it, could demolish a whole 12 LB goose at one sitting. Eskimos gorge themselves on walrus meat after a successful hunt, and yet the Eskimo is rarely obese. He has the biological trait of a fat looking face, and this, with his bulky clothes, gives a mistaken impression of his body weight. Our old time trappers and the West devoured enormous quantities of Buffalo hump and tongue and still kept lean. There may be an upper level of meat intake where no one can lose, but I have never found it."

This is similar to Dr. Ken Berry's claim that you can eat all the beef, butter, bacon, and eggs you want and try as you may, you won't gain weight. There are also some carnivores claiming to eat 5000 calories or more a day of nothing but fatty meat.

My weight fluctuates a few pounds, which I think is normal. I've never set out to challenge the idea by gorging myself on meat, lol.


Another interesting quote follows. You've heard me say on here and in Dr. Kiltz's Mighty Tribe that when I eliminated dairy and started skimping on the fat, I suffered from diarrhea. But when I added back butter, started eating the animal fat, and reintroduced cheese, my stools returned to normal. Well, check out this quote....

"Then Andersen was put on just the meat he liked and Stefansson, to his alarm, was put on only the leanest meat possible to obtain. This was because DuBois had been told of a previous experience to Stefansson had had in the Arctic. The fall migration of Caribou had been missed. The animals on their return in the spring had exhausted their supply of fat. In spite of the caches groaning with lean meat starvation stalked the camp. Weakness, protuberant abdomens, and diarrhea developed. Access to fat saved their lives. This report had likewise been greeted with skepticism, so Stefansson was asked to start off the experiment with lean meat alone.

Within two days he had diarrhea and a feeling of baffling and discomfort. Allowing him to eat fat again cleared up the symptoms in three days, and the experiment went on."

The experiences of Stefansson mirrors my own almost exactly.


And then for a little humor....

"It's a strange fact that even if a patient's life is imperiled by overweight their loving kin will continue to stuff them with lethal tidbits, if they can get away with it."

So true, lol 😄



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