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On 4/21/2024 at 9:06 PM, Geezy said:

Thought of you Bob when I read this.

From the article....

"It didn’t take long before I started to come upon terms like “the hypertriglyceridemia of infection”, which gave a hint to the answer. Why would high triglycerides be important? Because these triglycerides are, by necessity, carried by lipoproteins! During infection, more fat is coming from fat tissue to the liver, and there is an increase in new fat being made in the liver, as well as an increase in production of cholesterol – all materials necessary for making lipoproteins like VLDL."

It would be interesting to see if my trigs would shoot up when I get a cold or covid or something. I would probably have to go off my Fenofibrates and Niacin for a while though to establish a baseline. 

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