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Acronym / Word Expansion

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The following acronyms have been entered into the database so that when you mouse over them, a small pop-up shows up explaining what the acronym means (new acronyms do not retroactively apply to older posts). 

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to mention them here.



ADA (case sensitive) = American Diabetes Association
ADS (case sensitive) = American Diabetes Society
acv = apple cider vinegar
bhb = beta-hydroxybutyrate
bmr = basal metabolic rate
ci/co = calories in, calories out
evoo = extra virgin olive oil
IF (case sensitive) = intermittent fasting
iifym = if it fits your macros
ir = insulin resistance
mct = medium-chain triglycerides
mufa = monounsaturated fatty acid
nsv = non-scale victory
omad = one meal a day
pufa = polyunsaturated fatty acids
SAD (case sensitive) = standard American diet
sfa = saturated fats
t1d = Type I (one) diabetes
t2d = Type II (two) diabetes
woe = way of eating



I will keep the above list up to date. I just added the ADA and the ADS 🙂

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