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I am new to carnivore. In between meals at times, I become extremely hungry. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

Everything I have read so far states that when on carnivore you have a feeling of being full and not hungry.

I wondering if i am possibly not getting enough fat?


Thank you for any help,


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Welcome Dennis. Glad you could join us and welcome to the world of eating a proper human diet.
Hunger in between meals is certainly not common to carnivorous as our food is very satiating.
Generally those who find themselves getting hungry between meals are either not eating enough during their meals or not eating enough fat. It is the fat that satiates us. I can eat a pound of fatty beef and be satisfied all day but chicken leaves my hungry because there just isn’t enough fat I’m nor the right kind of fat to satisfy me. I have to drown my chicken in butter to get anything out of it.
So, examine your diet to make sure you are eating until comfortably full and also getting enough fat.
When I first became carnivore I ate by the clock just like I always had but I started to notice that I was eating when I wasn’t really hungry. So I decided that it was foolish to eat when I wasn’t needing food. I’d never get hungry in the morning and it might be somewhere between noon and three in the afternoon before I’d get hungry enough to eat. I had developed a keto hunger and my carb hunger had gone away. With a keto hunger I only feel the need to eat when my body says it needs fuel. Just because my belly is empty it doesn’t mean I’m hungry, it’s just empty. I’ll know I’m truly hungry when I’m wanting some fatty protein.
If you do feel the need to snack on something then keep some cooked bacon in the fridge and some hard boiled eggs and grab a slice or two and eat an egg. Quick and easy and carnivore.

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Welcome to this space! Hope you are feeling less hungry soon. What is your diet history like? You could be having some leptin resistance if you have come from a place of over restriction. Eat when you feel hungry will help regulate that.

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On 5/30/2024 at 2:52 PM, dvillamor said:

Everything I have read so far states that when on carnivore you have a feeling of being full and not hungry.

This depend. If you are VERY new, and you are used to a lifestyle of snacking, then you have some habits to break. Then there is also WHAT are you eating? Low fat certainly won't cut it. I can eat a chicken, and be starving 2 hours later. Or I can eat 16-20oz of New York Strip, and I'm good for 6-8 hours. 

If you are used to moderate meals and snacking inbetween, turn those into meals with fatty red meat, eggs, bacon, and butter, and work on stopping the snacking. Then the next step would be to combine your 3 moderate meals into 2 very large meals and intermittent fast.

You can do it!

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Fat is your fuel now. Always remember. Of course, you're going to have have with drawl symptoms as well from carb intake. Your body responds differently, chemically and hormonally to the foods you now eat. 60 to 90 days is what you need and you'll learn a ton in that time. Snacking is over now. Like other's have stated, 2 or 3 big meals should be your goal. Good luck. 

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