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Gross Factor  

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  1. 1. Which of the following best fit you?

    • Nothing I might eat has ever grossed me out so I have always been able to eat anything and everything.
    • This meat-dominant diet's limited menu involves gross things I would otherwise avoid.
    • Since beginning a meat-dominant diet, increasingly more of it grosses me out than previously.
    • I am a carb, veg & fruit rather than meat person and a lot on the limited menu grosses me out.
    • I am so grossed out eating this crap I will be quitting this diet.
    • None of the above apply to me.

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Green peppers and green beans gross me out. Also too much marinara on my pasta. I hated Americans chop suey so much when I was a kid, I can remember sitting at the table after everyone was done trying to choke it down and literally threw up on my plate. Weirdly it was served with a side of green beans. I have always had an aversion to foods that have odd texture like peach fuzz. I can't stand skin on produce. 🤢

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I have liked the skin of chicken and turkey (fried, roasted, BBQ'd). I even liked the fat on steaks, not poultry though. 

Even though I have eaten it, it has grossed me out from time to time and more frequently now that I am on this diet.

With this carnivore diet you are encouraged to eat fat and coagulating oils like butter and perhaps lard. I have avoided such things for years. 

Also, cheese. I used to love a few paper thin slices of quality cheddar once in a while. For years the only cheese I would have would be the relatively rare times I had pizza. 

Part of me is at odds with this especially given the limited items on such a diet. Everything I have to eat is coated with fat.


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Is there something about a meat-based diet that is especially difficult to swallow?

Only when the meat is dry. Thank goodness for butter.

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I find plenty of variety on carnivore. You are only limited by your imagination.
I was taught by my father to at least be willing to try something before judging it as bad and I learned this lesson with a dish my grandma prepared and I refused to eat it because I didn’t like the looks of it. Dad told me to try it. Just one bite and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to eat it. (Of course there’d be nothing else to eat that evening if I didn’t eat my supper) I took that one bite and ended up eating two helpings. It’s a lesson that has stayed with me all these years.
Since then I’ve eaten plenty of things that many won’t try but I found that some are great and some are not.
I guess the things that most people might find gross that I’ve eaten would be raw foods such as sushi, (not so much these days but in the past) I’d eat fresh tuna as I caught it and was cutting it up.
Poke, I can hurt myself eating that.
Rattle snake. I hunt and handle venomous snakes and rattlers taste good.
Frogs. It’s funny the reactions I get sometimes when people know I eat frog legs and I catch my own.
Organ meats. Liver is common of course but I also eat sweetbreads and calf fries (testicles). I just slaughtered a lamb and I saved his liver, testicles and kidneys. I haven’t tried kidneys before so I’m looking forward to them. I’ve had tongue but it was pretty meh to me.
The only thing I can think of that I might be squeamish about would be brains. They just do not appeal to me.
Bugs. Yup bugs and I ate them on purpose. I’ve done a bit of survival training and experienced grasshoppers and grubs. I know that if ever in that situation I can eat to survive but I can guarantee it’ll be a last resort. They were not fun.
Then there was South Korea during an overseas work assignment. They make a lot of silk in Korea and those people don’t waste anything so when the silk worms are no longer able to make silk they get roasted and eaten. I wasn’t going to be the “Ugly American” by refusing to try them so I did. Not good, not good at all. Blech!

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I'm not easily grossed out and generally speaking I would try anything once. I trained my pallet to like a variety of foods. 

I'm sure certain things might repulse me. Liver is sometimes great, and sometimes terrible. I've cooked it both ways, lol. 

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