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Prolonged Meat Diets with a Study of Kidney Function and Ketosis [Files Library]

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Prolonged Meat Diets with a Study of Kidney Function and Ketosis

Two men lived on an exclusive meat diet for 1 year and a third man for 10 days. The relative amounts of lean and fat, meat ingested were left to the instinctive choice of the individuals. At the end of the year, the subjects were mentally alert, physically active, and showed no specific physical changes in any system of the body. Vitamin deficiencies did not appear. Kidney function tests revealed no evidence of kidney damage. In these trained subjects, the clinical observations and laboratory studies gave no evidence that any ill effects had occurred from the prolonged use of the exclusive meat diet.



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I always wonder how controlled these types of studies are conducted. 

Without 'true control' there are other factors that could sway the numbers to say just about anything.

Did one of these guys exercise more than the other? Did one start off fifty pounds overweight? Maybe one was 30 and the other was 50? 

Too many variables. 

As said before, I am a doubter by nature. I would rather be on a board similar to this or engage with an individual vs. 'studies'. I always fear there is the hidden agenda. 

I am just getting into the carnivore community, and I am reading and seeing/experience things that are amazing. The kicker for me is that two doctors from the same school, who read the same books, can have totally different opinions, with both having studies that proof their views. And usually it ends with, "Sponsored by...." which is the hidden agendas that fuel my doubt.



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I guess I find it hard to "just drink the Kool-Aid" regardless of the topic and totally regardless of my personal views.

I am learning to be pro-carnivore from personal experience. 

Do I still doubt some of the claims I read and especially the videos I watch? Absolutely. As posted in another thread I have bloodwork coming that will tell me a lot of things about my personal path down the carnivore trail. I have a twofold expectation plan. One, if the numbers are much better than the last 6 years than I might have to sip the Kool-Aid. If they are not, or only minimally better, then I have only been on the diet for 90 days (at that point). I can't expect 90 days of one thing to completely cleanse the last 35 years of a dumpster diet and a trash lifestyle. 

I get more bloodwork 90 days later. As most things we do, time will tell.



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Good perspective Scott. It is healthy to be skeptical and not just about the things that don’t fit into our lifestyle but about our lifestyle as well. Even in carnivore there is a lot to be wary of. Just because someone says it’s so doesn’t necessarily mean they know. We can only rely on ourselves and must do our own research. Believing everyone who comes down the pike claiming this or that about carnivore tend to cause a lot of confusion within the ranks.
One must have an open mind but always be willing to “trust but verify”.

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Yep. I gave my spiel at work the other day as the weight loss is really noticeable. I started the conversation, "On May 8th.....and finished with 42lbs at about 60 days".

Hs first response was. "So, you are saying I should do the carnivore diet and it will work for me?" I was like NO! NO! NO!

You read and learn to see if it fits you and then you give it a try. I would never say 'my results will be your results'. 

I think some watch the youtube video and then drink the Kool-Aid. And sometimes that miracle is just not there.


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