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By way of introducton I'd ike to offer a quick explnation of why I am here: chose this community because because of its supportive & non-judgemental nature.  I could use a safe place right now.  Also love that there is not just one way of eating (hate to think i'd be thrown out because someone discovered I put salsa on my burger).  

Am only 3 months in but trust that some day I may have something valuable to add.



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I'm only 60 days into the diet and less than that on this forum. Thus far I have enjoyed the content and people tremendously. For me it has been a great exchange of information.

Mostly because everyone is different and can get different results from doing the same thing and then seem to merge on the same path later.

For the most part I have "t-totalled" the carnivore approach but have had a couple slips. And so far they haven't kicked me off the board for a dab oh Heinz 57. LOL


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Thank you Scott - and yes, I did read about that notorius Heinz 57 incident.

I find I do equally well, both on 100% carnivore and when including some of the "safter" veggies (cucumber, zucchini etc.).  Unfortunately, I find having the variety causes me to overeat - I can eat a whole avocado at a sitting 😞 .   So best for me to stick with meat.   

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Welcome Wrecked. Glad to have you on board.
I don’t know of anyone around here that would judge you. None of us are perfect and none of us are dogmatic about this WOE (Way Of Eating). It’s been said that I’m the strictest about my diet but even I will use some Tabasco or jalapeño once in a great while.
I even tried some salsa a while back but find out that it wasn’t a good idea so it’s been eliminated. Looks like I can handle peppers but not tomatoes.
I hope you enjoy your time here and done hesitate to ask questions.

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On 7/6/2024 at 10:52 PM, Wrecked said:

Also love that there is not just one way of eating (hate to think i'd be thrown out because someone discovered I put salsa on my burger).  

Welcome Darcy. That's my aunt's name 🙂

We're a pretty friendly group here. We haven't been overrun by the overly dogmatic folks yet, lol. 

By definition, a "carnivore" is an organism that eats mostly meat. Hypercarnivores consume 70% or more of their diet from meat (all Obligate carnivores such as cats are Hyercarnvores). Bart Kay would say humans are hypercarnivores. Mesocarnivores (such as a fox) consume at least 50% meat, and Hypocarnivores (such as a bear) consume 30% or less meat. The latter are also considered Omnivores.

I basically believe in a "carnivore-centric" diet that is all-natural. I'm strict carnivore most of the time, but if I'm gonna "cheat", I'm going to cheat with something keto, such as some salsa, a cucumber or pickle, or in about another week, the low hanging tiny little apples in the apple trees in my back yard.

Depending on one's personal physiology and current health conditions, I'll recommend anything from a strict Lion Diet to a bizarre marriage of Ken Berry's Proper Human Diet and Paul Saladino's Animal-Based diet (which I think is TOO HIGH in carbs, which is why I use the term "carnivore-centric").

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