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Can you spot the vegan? Can you spot the omnivore?

Vegan vs Omnivore Twins Study  

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  1. 1. Which of the twin brothers looks better or healthier to you?

    • Matt Beckwith (Green Shirt)
    • Mike Beckwith (Pink Shirt)

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Mike and Matt were both participants in a Stanford study featured in the new Netflix propaganda piece ... er... docuseries entitled "You Are What You Eat," which compared eight weeks of healthy, omnivore meals with eight weeks of healthy, vegan plans in 22 sets of identical twins.

As expected, the one who was vegan for 8 weeks lost weight and lowered his cholesterol, which is, of course, a big DUH! Of course this is what we would expect. The omnivore maintained his weight. Here's an article about it...


The propaganda not only wants you to believe that the vegan looks healthier, but literally says that in that 8 weeks, he even aged slower, lol. 

So out of curiousity, which one of the men in the picture above looks healthier to you? Matt in the green shirt? Or Mike in the pink shirt?


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Define “Healthy” lol! It’s such a subjective term.
Which looks healthier? Hard to say really. To me the one on the right, pink shirt, looks better but that could be influenced by the different color tones in the photos. The other guy looks weaker to me.

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On 1/7/2024 at 11:10 AM, Geezy said:

To me the one on the right, pink shirt

The other guy looks weaker to me.

This is exactly how it looks to me too. The shirts are probably green for the vegetable guy and pink for the omnivore guy, lol. But yes, the vegan does not look healthier at all.

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