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Carnivore diet seems crazy, but…

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I have seen videos and just can’t see how someone can do it. It interests me and I have been floating the idea around, but I just can’t see how I can only eat meat every day. I have seen testimonies and the ones by Jordan Peterson really influences me, he seems to be someone credible.

As for me I am a 68 year old diabetic (T2) and always worked out. The diabetic thing is genetic and some of the fittest in my family has it. The last few years spine issues has slowed me down and severely limited my activity. I have always been educated about diet, never drink nothing but water. I feel a bit ripped off here about how I tried to eat well and exercise only to end up where I’m at at 68.

That has brought me to a lot of curiosity of what a carnivore diet can do for me. Two big hurdles I have is one, what I have been taught about fat and meat all of my life. And secondly, how in the heck can I eat just meat, I just can’t get my mind around that. My third concern is all of the chemicals and drugs that are used in animals to keep them from being sick.

I am sure many newbies come here searching and my hopes are to get some information that I can believe knowing what I know. I know there a lot of video on the topic but forums have the ability to get a bit of back and forth conversations. I also know by other forums on other topics there are credible people and many that are not. Being new here puts me at a disadvantage for sure but I thought this would be a good place to start 😉.



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11 hours ago, tracker1 said:

Two big hurdles I have is one, what I have been taught about fat and meat all of my life.

Yes, this does require making your mind over, because meat and saturated fat has been demonized for so long, and continues to be. But think about it like this. Humans have been hunting and eating meat since time immemorial. Obesity and metabolic disease is only a recent post 1900 A.D. phenomenon. If you are of the mindset to eat only what would have been naturally available to you or your ancestors, meat is at the top of the list. Fruits and vegetables were seasonal, but hunting was done year round. 

11 hours ago, tracker1 said:

And secondly, how in the heck can I eat just meat, I just can’t get my mind around that.

I felt the same way. You get used to it. And now it is my preference. I rarely deviate from this way of eating. I might occasionally have a piece of fruit or a salad, but now that I have experienced majors benefits from carnivore, I pretty much desire to stay pretty true and faithful. I've sworn off refined sugar and grains for life, but I might deviate with some plant matter, especially in social occasions where I don't want to be *that guy* who is making things difficult, lol.

11 hours ago, tracker1 said:

My third concern is all of the chemicals and drugs that are used in animals to keep them from being sick.

Here in the USA, this isn't a concern. There are federal regulations that requires a wash-out period. If for some reason, an animal needs an antibiotic, just like we might when we get an infection, that animal cannot be slaughter for at least 2 weeks after treatment. This is to give the animal time for it's liver and kidneys to detoxify it from the antibiotic that was given it. It's the law. 

Welcome aboard Chuck! You should check out Duma's Meats 😉

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Bob pretty much covered it but I will add a few things.
Bob is absolutely correct about our meat supply. I raise livestock and I can tell you from experience that my cattle, sheep or goats cannot go to slaughter if they have had any medications in the last 30 days. I lost a first calf heifer and calf earlier this year due to a bad birthing. Not only did I lose both momma and baby, $$, but in trying to save the heifer we had pumped medication into her so I couldn’t even process her for food after I put her down. It was tough on so many levels.

We have all been brainwashed to believe what the medical community, science and media have told us about our health but it’s all been lies. Do some research and your eyes and mind will be opened. Start off with a couple of books (both available on audio), Lies My Doctor Told Me by Dr. Ken Berry and then check out The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz.
One of the lies that has been told is that T2 diabetes is hereditary and irreversible. Well I’m not a diabetic and I can’t speak with any authority on this but there are many doctors in the carnivore community that will state emphatically that this is hogwash and there are thousands of T2 diabetics that have reversed their diabetes to the point of either reducing their medication or completely getting off of their medication and have normal numbers again. Are they cured? No, I don’t think so because if they went bad to eating the SAD again they’d go right back to being diabetic but they have controlled it naturally through proper nutrition.
Meat, especially ruminant meat, has all of the nutrients man needs for proper and optimal health and we, as well as hundreds of thousands of us, are proof. And of course so are our ancestors. The only thing we lack is a few minerals but you can’t get those from carbs either but you can supplement them if needed.
And it’s not boring to eat this way and it’s so simple. All you have to do is eat fatty meat until you are comfortably full or satiated. Eat only when truly hungry. Drink water and salt your food to taste. That’s it.
You can check out what the what we ate today thread and recipes thread and see we have a lot of variety in our foods of choice.
If you did nothing else but just eliminate all sugars and sweeteners from your diet as well as all grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, seed oils and highly processed foods and only ate fatty meat and whole natural vegetables you’d be miles ahead in improving your health and nutrition.
If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around this way of eating then educate yourself on how to do it by watching videos by Dr’s Berry, Chaffee and Baker. Check out videos from influencers who have been in this lifestyle for years and even decades. Then educate yourself by reading or listening to those books I mentioned so you’ll know the real truths behind what and why we eat this way.
All of the exercise and physical fitness in the world will not heal you but nutrition will.
Healing and better health awaits you if you choose.
Good luck and good health to you and welcome to this forum. I hope you stick around and that we can help.

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